Sunday, 17 February 2008

A new country is being born in the Balkans.

I felt very sad watching on the news the declaration of independence of Kosovo, which violates every international law. Is it possible that such a small country can survive in the era of globalisation? I really doubt it. The new country cannot supply its citizens with electricity and water. It has no wealth resources. Thus, no future. Corruption and poverty are flourishing.

Sooner or later it will be forced to join another country to survive. The only ally this country has is Albania, where things are not much better.

But that's what it was all about? To cut a piece of land from a country and give it to another total illegally?!

Sooner or later, the West will be forced to face the consequences of its hypocrisy.


Xiaoye said...

That was totally a big Farce when the US and its ally invaded the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia years ago at the very beginning.

They always use double standards to judge and to interrupt other countries.

the people are always the poorest one

elate said...

...Actually it was within the European borders that all of this started...

It was Germany (with purely internal politics in mind) that made haste in recognising Slovenia and Croatia... Having done this, -Greece at the time -1991- was daydreaming- it was in turn possible for the rest of the former Yugoslavian republics to justify their way through to independence.

Which of course, without the richer northern republics to support them financially was only a make belief independence...

elate said...

Γιώργο, παρ' οτι έχεις ασχοληθεί και συμφωνούμε, δες και τι λέει το Διεθνές Δίκαιο στο λινκ που σου έδωσα... Δεν είναι επιστημονικές μπαρούφες, από σημειώσεις είναι. Δεν κάνουν κακό τα επιπλέον επιχειρήματα ε???