Wednesday, 28 October 2009

International students stories...

A (Greek) friend of mine was the assistant in a lab this quarter. The students had to hand in the reports at the end of the quarter by e-mail.

In the text that accompanies the report in the e-mail, you can see the difference between a Greek student and a Dutch student.

Dutch student:
"Dear assistant,

in this e-mail we attached the report of the lab ....

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Greek student:
"Τσίμπα πούστη."
translation: pinch that (=take that) faggot.


charilaos said...

έγινε στ'αλήθεια αυτό, ή είναι ανέκδοτο??
φιλικούς και συντροφικούς Dutch χαιρετισμούς...

Georgios said...

Δεν ξέρεις ότι τα ανέκδοτα βγαίνουν από τη ζωή; :)

Φυσικά και έγινε στ'αλήθεια.