Sunday, 3 October 2010

iPhone 3Gs doesn't charge.

Just got back my iPhone from the Apple Service. They replaced it with a new one. One of the problems it had was that suddenly it wouldn't charge from the wall plug, it wouldn't charge when connected to a PC/laptop, it would only charge when connected to a MacBook!

Well I'm lucky I have a MacBook, cause till last Christmas I didn't! Apparently it's not a problem of the hardware. It must have started doing that after a software update. I googled it and it seems that people all over the world have the same problem.

Obviously, the geniuses of apple did something stupid and created this problem with an update (that was probably fixing something else). But what is the answer of Apple to all this?? NOTHING. They are quiet. They pretend they don't see the problem!

How is it possible that your no 1 selling phone doesn't charge and you ignore it?!

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