Friday, 20 July 2007

Greece goes on fire!

The last weeks the Greeks are watching their forests being burned out. The Fire Brigade loses the war. This year has been burned more forests than ever. I’m surprised that this time people are not blaming the government… but actually the Fire Brigade although 3 firemen lost their lives!

I’ve been helping the Fire Brigade troops in big fires as a Red Cross volunteer last year in Crete. I’ve seen myself that due to the wild surface of Greece, ground troops cannot do much. At least not without help from the air. I’ve seen with my own eyes a small tree catching up fire on its own 4 times, although the firemen had thrown tons of water on it each time.

Is still the Fire Brigade responsible, when the government hires 3000 totally useless agrofylakes (agro-field guards) instead of firemen or instead of buying equipment (e.g. planes or helicopters) to enhance the Fire Brigade? Then what the hell is the government responsible for?

I hope to get an answer before the last tree of this country turns into ashes.

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Guido said...

That's true Georgios!