Friday, 20 July 2007

Turkey: Elections and immature meaningless acts.

Turkey goes to elections this weekend and once again Greece has to pay the price. Usually it’s Turkish military airplanes getting illegally into the Greek borders (or something with Cyprus). Increase of the number of such incidents, to be more accurate, since such intrusions/provocations are done by the Turkish army very often, almost every day. But this time it was something else. The International Union of Greek Orthodox Christian Youth had their festival in Istanbul where the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Christian Church lays. The festival would conclude with a concert given by a famous Greek singer Georgios Dalaras.

The Turks took back the permission they had given for the concert and the concert was cancelled. The Turkish media said this singer is anti-Turk. Georgios Dalaras has sung actually for the re-union of the island of Cyprus as well as to raise money for Turkish children suffering from mental diseases. And for Turkey this person is an enemy!

What can someone say about a country (willing to join EU) in which it is ILLEGAL to talk against this country, to admit that the Armenian or the Pontian-Greek genocide are not science fictions or that Kurds are actually a different ethnic group?!

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Γιάννης said...

Όλλα τα χε η μαριωρή, ο φερετζές της έλλειπε!
Θα χρειαστεί ακόμα πολύ δρόμο να διανύσει για να γίνει πραγματικά Ευρώπη.
Απλώς εμείς να συνεχίζουμε τις πιέσεις σε όλα τα επίπεδα.