Monday, 3 September 2007

The evolution

Yesterday Georgios A. Papandreou, the president of The Socialist International, and probably the next Greek Prime Minister finished his speech with a wonderful way.

He finished with 7 points of the German philosopher Meyer-Abich, which in my opinion form the stairway of the evolution of the human conciousness. The way to the socialism, to the realisation that humanity is one and a whole, an organism, and we are just cells of this organism. Different, yes, like liver cells, heart cells, brain cells. But we all work for the same reason, for the well being of the organism, not just our own.

Here's the 7 points of Meyer-Abich, which Papandreou used to conclude his speech:

1. I care only about myself.
2. I care not only about myself, but my family and friends too.
3. I care not only about myself, my family and my friends, but my nation too.
4. I care not only about myself, my family, my friends and my nation, but all the nations of Earth too.
5. I care not only about all people today, but the previous and future generations too.
6. I care not only about the humanity, but every living creature and element of Earth.
7. I care about everything.

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