Friday, 7 December 2012

Where is Europe going?

You're probably also as fed up with this crisis as I am. Beyond numbers and high-level economics, why is this crisis taking place? More importantly: Why does it last so long?

People at the beginning thought this crisis was caused by Greece. The fact that Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy followed and the fact that the economies of Europe are losing their high ratings one after the other (even the great France), shows on its own -without getting into too much of technicalities- that this is a systemic crisis. A crisis of the European System as a whole. Or at least a crisis of the Euro-zone. The Euro is incomplete. It doesn't offer protection from speculators. It can let weak economies, like the Southern European economies, out of the markets for years.

If that's the case why don't we fix it?

Well, who's responsible to fix the Euro? The leaders of the 17 participating countries. Why don't they do it? They're weak. The main responsible is the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She and many other European leaders lack of European vision.

In the past Europe progressed whenever France and Germany made agreements and pushed the rest of the countries to further European integration and unification. Enlighten and perspicacious leaders showed the way. The Europe of Mitterrand, Kohl and Andreas Papandreou. Those people had a European vision and they could see far in the future.

They could see that by 2020 the global giants, like China, USA, Brazil and India, would take over in the United Nations and the G7 and the European countries will end up midgets without word, without a say. Only united, Europe will still have a say in the evolution of the humanity and will make sure that the European values will prevail worldwide in the place of brutal policies and behaviour.

Today's European leaders are small people. Only worrying for their re-election. Especially Angela Merkel, who is refusing to accept a Greek debt haircut before her elections! That's pathetic. Merkel (grown up in East Germany, thus having missed most of Germany's integration process to Europe) puts the priorities of her political party and her re-election above the priorities of Europe. This kind of leaders are obstacles and the sooner we get rid of them, the better for Europe.

Europe needs a step to further integration and unification now. It needs the Eurobond. Only this way the Eurocountries will be protected from speculation. Implemented of course with mechanisms that won't allow corrupted leaders to blow the government dept by borrowing crazy.

We need leaders willing to make these brave steps to the future. We are once again in great need for real leaders in Europe. Leaders with European vision. Not German leaders, not French leaders, but European leaders. Leaders of the United Europe.

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