Saturday, 23 June 2007

EU agreement

I read that the EU managed to go into a new agreement last night, replacing the failure of the European Constitution.

It's funny how two countries who want the same thing, but fight for it in a different way always manage to ruin Europe's true union.

The greatest difficulties were Poland and England.

Poland doesn't want to leave the veto-system. I agree. The new system just gives the big countries more votes. It doesn't give the decision to the majority of the European Citizens, so it's actually less democratic than the old one. But this is not why Poland dissagrees. Poland just wants to stay as much as independent as possible. Because it's a big country, compared to other EU countries it's powerful enough to stop any decisions it doens't like using the present system. If the system changes, it won't. Poland just wants to take from European Union and not give.

England is actually the same. England wants to be in EU, but also be as independent as possible. The new voting system doesn't affect it (cause it's a big country), but if the Constitution or the new agreement is going to pass, she has to accept the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which gives the workers of England too many rights, and England doesn't want that. How ironic that the Labour Party is in power!!!

Actually England has a Guiness Record on "exceptions"! The most obvious are Euro-zone, Schengen zone, etc etc. Whenever Europe goes forth, England stays behind. Whenever it comes to military stuff and common foreign affairs policy, England is more like the advocate of USA and never agrees with the rest of the Europeans. England was obsessed with terrorism and forced all these exhaustive and hysterical measures in the airports.

So, is UK in the EU because it feels like European or is it inside EU just to sabotage it?!

I'm tired of watching the same play again and again, every time EU wants to move on; having to discuss UK constant disagreements and eventually accept ANOTHER exception. Let's move on. The countries that are really interested in uniting Europe may follow. The rest of the countries can just make us a favour and stay the hell out of it!

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