Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Welcome to my blog.

I have no idea why people create those things. I just felt the need to create one too. I don't know where it comes from, I don't know how to satisfy this need, neither where it's going to lead me to. But I'm doing it anyway.

I'll start with a song. To present myself. It's Greek so I'll give you first the Greek lyrics and then I'll tranlsate for my international friends. I wish I could write in Greek in this blog. It's my favourite language. But things change, and we have to adjust. We always have to adjust, though never yield.

Με λένε Γιώργο
και ποτέ δεν τραγουδάω
για της αγάπης το γλυκό-πικρό καημό.
Δεν έχω μάθει
μαργαρίτες να μαδάω,
δεν περιμένω κανενός το γυρισμό.

Με λένε Γιώργο
και ποτέ δεν τραγουδάω.
Θα υποφέρω στη ζωή κάθε στιγμή,
γιατί δεν έκανα ό,τι θα ΄πρεπε να κάνω,
γιατί σαν άνθρωπος δεν είχα την πυγμή.

Με λένε Γιώργο...

My name is Giorgos
and I never sing
about love's sweet-bitter "pain" (although "kaimos" cannot be exactly tranlated)
I've never learnt
to pluck margaritas,
I don't expect anyone to come back to me.

My name is Giorgos,
and I never sing.
I'll always suffer in life, every single moment,
because I didn't do what I should have done,
because I didn't have the strength.

My name is Giorgos...


微笑的椰子 said...

^__^Hey hey, nice song, written by you?

I am going to keep reading the blog.

Georgios said...

No, it's a famous song sung by Giorgos Mazonakis

Anonymous said...

Hello Georgio,

Can you recognize me? Guess????
I am waiting....
You know me. Ji ji ji ji.
Froooooooom where?......
Too many people at Tudelft right?
Another one.... Who does usually call to one of our friends malakin Skywalker?
Hehe. Yeeeeeeees, it is me...
I think you got it.
Your blog is interesting, I will keep track of the news.


Georgios said...



Thanks for writing.

So, is it you who invented my nickname too? (Tom Cruise)