Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sto para 5

I spent my evening yesterday watching the last episode of the famous Greek comedy series "sto para 5". It's one of the innocent but not naive series that the whole family can watch. Some people complained about the last episode. It was too dramatic they said for a comedy. I think the last episode is like a break up. And break ups are always dramatic. It was nice. And it sent so many messages about life and death, love, etc. But the best I think was the last message: Switch the TV off! The real life is out there!

This message, along with the last picture of the 5 friends playing in the sea sent all my stress away and gave me a great feeling. I think I'm going to have a really nice summer :)

1 comment:

Katerina said...

As long as it concerns "sto para pente" , i have to say that it was great!

About our summer George...

All you have to say, is that it will be nice? Just nice?

Θα σε μαλώσω!!!

I think it will be S U P E R !!!

Oh George, ante come back!
I've really missed you!!!

Reunion at Chania! I can't wait!!!